Pup N' Suds Pricing

Pup N' Suds website pricing is a starting point and may vary (up or down) according to client grooming requests, preferences, and my general impressions.  The listed pricing reflects breed specific pricing per AKC's exacting  breed standards.  I do not hand-strip dogs for my hands' sake (eg. terriers).  Larger than standard dogs will be priced accordingly.  Mixed breed dogs including "designer" dogs will be priced according to the dominant features presented in the dog as well as the type of clip requested.  (designer / mixed breeds are highlighted with (*).)   The price list is by no means exhaustive, but is representative of the types of dogs that dominate the service area.  Please refer to the American Kennel Club AKC website for current breed standards.

 Pricing is a combination of time involved as well as difficulty / knowledge / expertise of the clip.

Multi-pet discounts are NOT offered as Pup N' Suds is a service oriented business. Thank you for your understanding.

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I AM REPRICING ALL DOG GROOMING FOR SIMPLICITY. Bear in mind that this is a price guide for breed standard, and may change depending on your pet.

Airedale Terrier                                                                                               $90

American Staffordshire Terrier (comparable to Pit Bull Terrier)               $50

Australian Cattle Dog (Blue Tick Heeler)                                                      $55

Australian Shepherd Dog (Aussie)                                                                $65

Bassett Hound                                                                                                  $45

Beagle                                                                                                     $35 / $40

Bearded Collie                                                                                                 $90

Belgian Malinois                                                                                               $55

Belgian Tervuren  (pricing comparable to Collie)                                       $80

Bernese Mountain Dog (Bath)                                                                      $100

Bernese Mountain Dog (Clip)                                                                       $120

Bichon Frise                                                                                                      $70

Border Collie                                                                                                    $60

Boston Terrier                                                                                                  $30

Boxer                                                                                                                 $55

Comfort Retriever*                                                                                         $50

English Bulldog                                                                                                 $45

French Bulldog                                                                                                $30

Bullmastiff                                                                                                         $55

Cairn Terrier                                                                                                     $65

Cavachon* (Cavalier / Bichon Mix)                                                               $65

Cavapoo* (Cavalier / Poodle Mix) $                                                             $65

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel                                                                        $70

Cesky Terrier                                                                                                  $70

Cocker Spaniel (American / English)                                                            $70

Cockapoo* (Cocker Spaniel / Poodle Mix)                                                  $65

Collie                                                                                                                 $75

Coton de Tulear                                                                                               $70

Dalmation                                                                                                         $55

Doberman Pinscher                                                                                        $55

Miniature Doberman Pinscher (Min Pin is Red)                                           $35

Doodles* (All Large)                                     (Interview Only) Starting at $100

Doodles* (All Other)                     (visual with size reference) Starting at $65

English Springer Spaniel                                                                                 $95

Golden / Flat Coated (Bath)                                                                           $65

Golden / Flat Coated Retriever (Tips & Tail)                                                $75

Golden / Flat Coated Retriever (Heavy Scissor)                                         $85

Golden / Flat Coated Retriever (Short Clip)                                                $90 Golden / Flat Coated Retriever ("Shave" NOT recommended

             waiver REQUIRED)                                                        Starting at $100

Great Dane                                                                                                       $60

Great Pyrenees (Bath)                                                                                   $100

Great Pyrenees (Clip)                                                                                    $120

German Shepherd Dog                                                                                   $65

German Shepherd Dog (Long Coat)                                                              $75

Havanese                                                                                                          $65

Irish Terrier                                                                                                       $70

Japanese Chin (Tips &  Tail)                                                                           $50

Japanese Chin (Clip)                                                                                        $65

Russell Terrier (Formerly called Jack Russell)                                             $40

Kerry Blue Terrier                                                                                            $95

Kuvasz                                                                                            Starting at $85

Labrador Retriever (Light Coat)                                                                     $55

Labrador Retriever (Heavy Coat)                                                                  $60

Labrador Retriever (Clip - NOT recommended

                Waiver REQUIRED)                                                    Starting at $100

Lhasa Apso (Lhasa Mix)*                                                                                $65

Maltese                                                                                                             $65

Maltipoo* (Maltese Poodle Mix)                                                                    $65

Manchester Terrier (similar to Min Pin but Black)                                       $35

Newfoundland (Bath)                                                                                   $100

Newfoundland (Clip)                                                                                     $120

Norfolk / Norwich Terrier                                                                              $65

Norweigian Elkhound                                                                                     $55

Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever                                                              $60

Papillon (Bath)                                                                                                 $40

Papillon (Tips & Tail)                                                                                       $45

Papillon (Clip)                                                                                                   $55

Pekingese (Bath)                                                                                              $60

Pekingese (Clip)                                                                                               $70

Pomeranian (Bath)                                                                                          $40

Pomeranian (Block Scissor)                                                                           $65

Pomeranian  (Lion Clip)                                                                                  $60

Toy Poodle (10" and under)                                                         Starting at $65

Mini Poodle (10"- 15")                                                                   Starting at $75

Standard Poodle (15"- 18")                                                           Starting at $85

Standard Poodle (18"-21")                                                          Starting at $100

Standard Poodle (Over 21")                                                       Starting at $120

Portuguese Water Dog (Wave)                                                 Starting at $85

Portuguese Water Dog (Curl)                                                   Starting at $100

Pug                                                                                                                    $30

Rhodesian Ridgeback                                                                                     $55

Rottweiler                                                                                                         $55

Samoyed                                                                                       Starting at $85

Siberian Husky                                                                              Starting at $70

Siberian Husky (Moulting)                                                           Starting at $85

Silky Terrier (Bath)                                                                        Starting at $50

Silky Terrier (Clip)                                                                        Starting at $65

Smooth Fox Terrier                                                                                         $35

Sheltie                                                                                            Starting at $65

Shiba Inu                                                                                                           $45

Shih Tzu (Shihpoo, Shihchon)*                                                                      $65

Miniature Smooth Fox Terrier                                                                       $30

Mini Schnauzer (under 17")                                                                             $65

Standard Schnauzer (17"-20")                                                                        $70

Schnoodle* (Schnauzer / Poodle Mix)                                                         $65

Scottie                                                                                                               $70

Sealyham Terrier                                                                                             $70

Viszla                                                                                                                 $50

Wire Fox Terrier                                                                                              $70

Welsh / Lakeland Terrier                                                                               $70

Weimaraner                                                                                                     $55

Welsh Corgi                                                                                                     $40

Westie                                                                                                              $70

Wheaten                                                                                                           $95

Yorkie (Bath)                                                                                 Starting at $50

Yorkie (Morki, Shorki, etc.)*  (Clip)                                             Starting at $65