Mobile Grooming was developed several years ago for discerning pet parents who were looking for an added degree of care for their beloved companions. Mobile grooming offers pets and pet parents a degree of exclusivity not found in the salon environment.  Pets and pet parents enjoy express grooming without the distractions or stresses of the salon, and in general offers your pet a less stressful grooming visit; free from the distractions of unfamiliar persons and dogs.  I have during my initial year in business returned to work a couple of days in my former salon, and have observed firsthand the benefits mobile grooming provides.  Dogs in general are happier upon completion, and do not have the stresses involved with co-existing with other dogs. Mobile grooming limits you and your pets intrapersonal relations to a single person.  This limited interaction WILL develop a measure of trust and understanding that will offer a lifetime of care without the concerns often encountered in a busy salon environment. 

The way it works...

Mobile grooming is still a somewhat fuzzy notion to many in the central Ohio area.  I am questioned regularly about the process as well as client participation.  Mobile grooming in the past required client participation to some extent.  Modern grooming units (mine included) are fully self contained units.  My particular bus has full electric capability provided by a 7,000 watt onboard generator set. Both fresh and grey (waste) water are also contained within the bus.  All you have to provide is the DOG! The mobile unit is truly a fully self contained grooming salon on wheels.  The bus is rather heavy so I typically do not park in standard residential driveways.  There is a price premium for mobile grooming over that of the salon, but my current clientele understand the convenience as well as time value of the service I provide.  You will notice that I provide complementary services with full grooming to add value to client experience. I have a broad range of clientele, and even the most price sensitive appreciate the value and convenience that mobile grooming offers, and dogs enjoy reduced time in the care of the groomer.

I come to wherever the dog is...I don't even really need you to be there so long as I have access to your dog(s)!  I keep codes and keys secure, and separate from addresses, and have friends or neighbors grant access to the dog wherever he / she may be.  Again it's fully dependent on your level of comfort.  After all you know when I'm coming and going.  I text upon entering and leaving.  I'll come to the house, work, or wherever you need me to (ask about limitations).  My only request is to settle up the same day.  I accept cash and / or check.