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Texting is the most efficient means of reaching me. I return text messages promptly, and can reach out more effectively due to voice to text. (easiest to answer for quick communications) Doesn't need to be highly detailed, but leave enough info for me to work with... your name, dog breed, etc.
Leave detailed voice messages to communicate. I make every attempt to return voice messages in a timely fashion. (I try my best to respond quickly, but certainly by the end of business the same day)
Linked directly to the telephone. Just one more way to get in touch! I visit e-mail the least so if you need attention sooner than later this may not be the best option
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Thank you for visiting Pup N' Suds mobile grooming where we bring the salon to you! Please feel free to contact us via voice, text, or e-mail.  Texting is my primary means of communication, but my goal is ease of communication by providing you multiple ways to get in touch.

My experience is limited to dogs...Sorry, I do not groom cats. 

Hours of Operation

Monday               9:00 - 5:00

Tuesday.              9:00-5:00

Wednesday        9:00-5:00

Thursday             9:00-5:00

Friday                  9:00-5:00

Evening replies will be prioritized.  Next day requests generally will get quick responses.  All others may be answered the following business day.

Weekends belong to Family...I welcome all communication, but may not respond until Monday.

My business phone is also my personal phone...I try to be as available as I can be during non-business hours, but please, just use your best judgement.