Pup N' Suds LLC established in 2017 provides mobile grooming services to clients in Powell and Dublin Ohio. Professional pet groomer / stylist, and competitive groomer Matthew Welsh has enjoyed grooming canine companions for nearly 10 years, and beginning 3 years ago participating successfully in nationally (and in some cases internationally) recognized competitive grooming events located in cities ranging from Columbus Ohio to Hershey Pennsylvania and Chicago Illinois.  Not only do these contests provide a platform to display Matt's grooming talents, but they provide valuable industry how-to as well as trends within the grooming and pet healthcare industry. I have, and continue to groom alongside literally the best groomers in the world (many are members of Groom Team USA), and derive much of my knowledge base from such experiences.  I have developed many aquaintances and friendships, by participating in these events.

Mobile Services

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Full Service Pet Grooming

All inclusive pet grooming provides you and your pet the most comprehensive and current trends in pet grooming today.

Full service grooming includes:
  • Bathing - Pet specific shampoo's as well as skin / hair care products.
  • Grooming / Styling
    • Modern, breed specific styles
    • Client specific pet grooming
  • Brushing - detangles the hair coat and aids in the removal of particulate matter (dust, dirt, dander etc.) and dead hair
  • Pawdicure nail care including clipping and optional filing (Dremel) Sorry, I don't paint nails or do nail caps.
  • Practical grooming including
    • Paw pad clippering
    • Sanitary Clip (potty areas)
    • Ear Cleaning, plucking / clippering
    • Gland Expression (Ewwwww! Leave that to me! TRUST ME!)
    • Dematting of the hair coat.  Dematting is done on a very limited basis, and typically results in additional fees. Excessive matting results in shaving or very close clipping. (dematting can be painful for both pet and groomer so dematting is heavily limited) Dematting shaves bear significant additional fees.

Shape Up / Maintenance

Same as Full service but without the full haircut. (typically includes a visor (over and between the eyes so Fido or Fifi can see!) or (in most cases a full face. This service is for those who don't require the full treatment EVERY time including those cooler months when you prefer the hair coat to grow for warmth.

Additional Services

We provide additional services to promote the health and well being of your beloved fuzzy friend. These services are provided  in addition to Full service grooming and Shape-up grooming.  (I typically provide at least one additional service on a complementary basis as a health benefit to keep your best friends in the best shape possible!

The services are as follows...

  • Teethbrushing (Standard toothbrush, and pet toothpaste -ask to keep the brush if you want to continue brushing at home...ask for coaching if you like!)
  • Nail Filing / Dremel tool (Nail clipping is standard)
  • LOW SHED OPTIONS - Reduce shedding / itching / vacuuming etc. with our low shed options! Includes Colloidal Oatmeal shampoo plus a conditioning rinse to rehydrate skin and hair.  The velocity dryer in most cases does better than Furminator, but we do use Furminator carding combs as well.
  • SKUNK OPTIONS - Warning! The dirty little secret in grooming is that there are no Skunk options that truly ELIMINATE SKUNK OIL ODOR!  The only thing they do is mask or partially (minimally) reduce odor.  The only way to fully eliminate skunk is to NOT GET SPRAYED IN THE FIRST PLACE!  If it's too late for that you have to eliminate the hair through shedding or clipping, and even then it must work its way out of the skin and pores.  If there was a true miracle cure for skunk somebody would be filthy rich by now!  (I'm trying to solve that mystery as you read this...) Full explanation upon request.

Ala Carte Services

Any of the below services on an Ala Carte basis.  (Individually this is the least popular option because it can quickly become the most expensive option, but I try to meet as many client / pet needs as possible!)  If you get close enough to the price of a bath service, which includes many of the listed services below, I'll suggest that, and throw in the bows or bandana!) 

Ala Carte pricing requires a $40 minimum (call your friends and neighbors to easily get there!), and is completed at my schedules discretion. Usually at days end or we can arrange a time in advance.

*all services to qualify for the bath deal must be completed on the same dog! (Yes, I really have to say that!)

  • Teethbrushing                                                              $10
  • Nail Trimming                                                               $15
  • Nail File / Shape (trim then file smooth)                   $20
  • Nail File / Shape (full file without trimming)            $25
  • Glands + rinse and towel dry                                     $15
  • Ear Clean and Clipper                                                  $10
  • Bows                                                                              $2 each
  • Bandana                                                                         $5
  • Short Airbath*                                                        Starting at $10

*good once-over with velocity dryer to blow excess coat and heavy particulate matter (dust, dander, etc.)  NOT a substitute for a good bath!  


Hours of Operation

Monday               9:00 - 5:00

Tuesday               9:00 - 5:00

Wednesday        9:00-5:00

Thursday             9:00-5:00

Friday                  9:00-5:00

Weekends belong to Family...I welcome all communication, but may not respond until Monday.

My business phone is also my personal phone...due to a large volume of after hours calls and text I will be limiting further communication to business hours.

I’m unable currently to take on new business please check back later if interested.